Personalised Medicine between Europe and China (IC2PerMed)

Recent advances in medicine combined with rapid scientific and technological progress in the health sector provide entirely new approaches for prevention and treatment of disease. Personalised Medicine adapts to the patients’ needs by tailoring therapy and preventive measures to the individual’s genetic background and lifestyle habits.

The EU-funded project IC2PerMed aims to support EU-China collaboration over the developments of Personalised Medicine research, innovations and policies:

  • providing people with access to personalised, smart and inclusive healthcare solutions,
  • working out common priorities on Personalised Medicine approaches in both geographic areas, and
  • developing a joint vision and strategic alignment of interests for the near future.

Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supports as project partner the Identifying and mapping the diverse initiatives, regulatory frameworks and policies on both the European and Chinese sides. Furthermore the SEZ supports the Organizing various expert forums dedicated to the development of EU-China standards.

Further information:

  • Project name acronym: IC2PerMed
  • Funding: European Commission, Horizon 2020
  • Funding budget for all partners: 1.7 M EUR
  • Participating countries: China, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland
  • Project duration: 01/2020 - 12/2023

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Keywords: Personalised Medicine, Precision Medicine, Research Cooperation, China

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