A sustainable model for intelligent urban renewal (REMOURBAN)

The EU project REMOURBAN focused on the development of a holistic urban renewal model with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption in cities.

The project took into account efficient heating and cooling solutions in buildings as well as the integration of smart grids and sustainable traffic management systems through ICT applications. Three ICT platforms were developed by the project partners and tested in the Lighthouse Cities. The platforms combine and manage multiple data sources, offer interoperability, and create data logs using public infrastructure data and system data.

The close interplay of energy, mobility and ICT has significantly accelerated the use of innovative technologies and advanced organizational and economic solutions for resource and energy efficiency. The urban renewal strategy also focused on the citizens because they primarily benefit from the improvements and are therefore the key to the development of a “Smart City”.

In REMOURBAN’s demonstration districts within the three Lighthouse Cities Valladolid (Spain), Nottingham (UK) and Tepebasi/ Eskisehir (Turkey), the energy consumption was, finally, reduced by 50-53%. Furthermore, the CO2 emissions were lowered in Valladolid by 80% and in Tepebasi by 63%.

The SEZ supported as a project partner the Exploitation of the project results for market introduction and measures to stimulate imitation, support in the management of intellectual property as well as training on IPR, exploitation, risk assessment and business models.

Further information:

  • Funding Institution: European Commission
  • Funding budget for all partners: 21,6 M EUR
  • Involved Countries: Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom
  • Project Duration: 01/2015 – 12/2019

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