nanodiag BWNanopore technology for molecular diagnostics of the future -Steinbeis Europa Zentrum is partner in nanodiag BW

The stakeholders of the nanodiag BW future cluster at the kick-off event in Freiburg.

As a partner and expert for innovation management in the national nanodiagBW future cluster, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum contributes to providing citizens with better healthcare in the future.

The future cluster nanodiagBW, which is funded by the BMBF initiative Clusters4Future, started its work in April 2023. With a total of 15 million euros for the first of three implementation phases, the 26 partners (of which 20 are resident in Baden-Wurttemberg) in the multidisciplinary innovation network have secured a considerable amount of funding. Under the leadership of Hahn-Schickard (cluster spokesperson apl. Prof. Dr. Felix von Stetten) and the University of Freiburg (deputy cluster spokesperson Prof. Dr. Jan C. Behrends), nanopore technologies will be developed to enable easier, faster and more reliable identification of epigenetic factors that influence diseases such as cancer. The detection of these factors is based on the measurement of minute ionic currents in the pore, which vary depending on the nature of the molecule. This technology can also distinguish between isomers of the same mass (molecules that differ only in the spatial arrangement of their atoms), which is a significant advantage over previous diagnostics. The aim of the future cluster is to ultimately transfer this technology into miniaturised analytical devices and processes, and to put it into practice through innovative products and services.

Over the next nine years, various partners from the fields of basic natural and material sciences, nanotechnology, microelectronics, microfluidic analysis, clinical medicine and innovation management have committed themselves to paving the way for this goal. The Steinbeis Europa Zentrum plays a central role in the latter.

As an innovation partner, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum coordinates the continuation of the joint cluster and research and development strategy. Measures include positioning the cluster by analysing related markets and competitors, as well as strategic foresight and expansion of the value creation network.

Through our activities in 2023, we laid a very good foundation for the realisation of our tasks. At the successful kick-off event, the World Café initiated by the Steinbeis Europa Zentrum ensured a lively exchange on the topic of open innovation culture and how this should be lived in the cluster. In a subsequent panel discussion, moderated by the Steinbeis Europa Zentrum, the partners also received insights and suggestions on technology transfer and spin-off possibilities. By addressing these issues at an early stage, we aim to ensure a sustainable build-up of expertise and resources in the cluster and to promote the innovative capacity of the cluster players in the long term.

Cluster about nanopores for medical diagnostics - Hahn-Schickard


„Steinbeis Europa Zentrum is responsible for promoting innovation in the BMBF Future Cluster. The collaboration with team and Alena Bubeck is very rewarding and I appreciate the proactive, competent and determined approach to research, the tailored contributions to knowledge transfer and the extremely successful moderation of cluster events.“

Felix von Stetten, Clustersprecher nanodiag BW

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