Agro Energie Hohenlohe GmbHEcological nutrient recovery from agriculture

In the Hohenlohe region, a plant for the recycling of agricultural residues was built in July 2020 as part of the project "AgriPlus: Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability", which is funded by the EU and the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection. 

The Agro Energie Hohenlohe GmbH plant enables the transformation of liquid manure and other residues from energy recovery (fermentation residues) into an organic soil conditioner and into phosphorus and nitrogen fertilisers. These innovative fertilisers can then be used specifically and efficiently in agriculture or transported cost-effectively to areas with a prevailing nutrient deficiency. 

Steinbeis Europa Zentrum has accompanied this process from the beginning, submitted the application and is coordinating the project. It is also responsible for communication and dissemination of the results. 

„"A very smart approach that can make a significant contribution to environmental protection and to more regional value creation in the sense of a circular bioeconomy."“

Peter Hauk, Minister for Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection, Baden-Württemberg

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