Research Study: Technology foresight on biometrics for the future of travel

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency Frontex has commissioned Steinbeis Europa Zentrum to conduct a technology foresight study on biometrics and the future of travel. The study will provide insights into the travel experience at border crossings in the future.

The focus of the study was on biometric technologies that will facilitate the work of the European Border and Coast Guard community (EBCG) in the short (in 1-5 years), medium (in 5-10 years) and long term (in 10+ years).

Looking into the future forms the central core of the project. Instead of focusing on existing technologies, a new approach was now pursued: With the help of technology foresight, promising and emerging technologies are to be identified at an early stage and strategically developed.

On the one hand, existing and emerging biometric technologies have been identified, structured with the help of a specially developed biometrics taxonomy, and the development paths of the most promising technologies up to their possible use in border crossing management have been worked out. On the other hand, both a technology foresight methodology and the associated software tool have been created, tailored to the needs of Frontex. Frontex will use the technology foresight tool independently in the future.

As project coordinator, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum was responsible for the project coordination and implementation of the study, the contributing technology foresight expertise, the communication with stakeholders and the project management.

Further information:

  • Projektname acronym: Frontex biometrics
  • Duration: 01/2021 - 09/2021
  • Budget for the whole project all partners: not public
  • Participating countries: Germany, Italy, Poland

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