International Digital Health Cooperation for Healthy Aging (IDIH)

The purpose of the IDIH project was to promote and increase international cooperation to advance digital health in the EU and five Strategic Partner Countries (i.e. USA, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea) to support active and healthy aging through innovation. To this purpose, IDIH project partners have identified shared priorities and set up a Digital Health Transformation Forum as a long-lasting and expert-driven catalyst to foster collaboration between the EU and the Strategic Partner Countries through:

  1. Supporting the definition of common priorities to enhance strategic international cooperation in digital health in line with policy orientations through a thorough analysis of priorities in the EU and each of the Strategic Partner Countries and close involvement of the relevant funding agencies
  2. Provisioning of specific contributions to the international dialogue in digital health with the creation of a Digital Health Transformation Forum acting as an umbrella for high-level
  3. Facilitating the exchanges between Research, Technology and Innovation stakeholders from the EU and the Strategic Partner Countries in digital health through international workshops, cooperation opportunities with other digital Health initiatives

As project coordinator, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum:

  • Overseed the administrative and financial management of the project
  • Supported the policy and expert consultations, mapping and the design of the roadmap
  • Was responsible for networking and co-creation sessions as part of the RTI workshops

Further information:

  • Project name Acronym: International Digital Health Cooperation for Preventative, Integrated, Independent and Inclusive Living. IDIH
  • Funding budget for all partners: 1.998.038 EUR
  • Participating countries: Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, South Korea, USA
  • Project duration: 05/2019 – 04/2022

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Keywords: Digital Health, Aging, Research Cooperation, Prevention

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