Technological innovations to address societal challenges (Social Innovation Challenge)

Social innovations can contribute to solving societal challenges not only in the social sector, but also in various environments such as industry or the healthcare sector. In order to achieve this goal, the project "Technological Innovations to Address Societal Challenges - Social Innovation Challenge Baden-Württemberg" brought together stakeholders from different sectors in three so-called challenge events. The fields of action identified were AAL - Ambient Assisted Living, living conditions in rural areas and sustainable production. At the challenge events and subsequent workshops, interdisciplinary discussions were held on social challenges and innovative approaches to solutions were developed, which were summarized in a guideline for developing implementation strategies in the field of social innovation. The Social Innovation Challenges were funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism.

The SEZ supports as a project partner the identification of relevant actors in the fields of technological and social innovation and the conception, organization and implementation of three challenge events for interdisciplinary ideation as well as selection and monitoring of pilot projects. Furthermore the SEZ supports the development of a guideline for the development of implementation strategies in the field of social innovation.

Further information:

  • Project name acronym: SI Challenge Baden-Württemberg
  • Funding: Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism
  • Project duration: 06/2019 – 08/2021

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