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Steinbeis Europa Zentrum receives Danube Flagship Certificate

The Danube Transfer Centres (DTC) Network, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2022, serves as a long-standing and sustainable platform for accelerating innovation and technology transfer activities and promoting strategic partnerships between the actors of the innovation ecosystem in the Danube region. It was founded in 2012 as an initiative of the Steinbeis Europa Zentrum, supported by the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg.

DTCs are organized as one-stop-shops to support (mainly) SMEs in regard to the innovation & technology transfer. They strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises and promote collaboration, both at regional and international level, through trainings, workshops and the implementation of projects within the framework of various EU funding programs.

DTC Network receives certificate as "Danube Strategy Flagship" in 2023

In recognition of this commitment, the DTC Network has been officially awarded the title of “Danube Strategy Flagship” at the 12th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) in Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia. The “Danube Strategy Flagship” certificate recognizes projects and initiatives that contribute significantly to the implementation of the EUSDR. Of great importance for the economic, social and territorial cohesion of the Danube region, they contribute to improving the quality of life and demonstrate impressive progress in the region through effective cooperation. Over 40 participants from 7 countries in the Danube region joined us in celebrating this award.

Learn more in our video: Danube Transfer Centers Network: turning knowledge into value (youtube.com)

Network expands to 34 DTC Hubs with 15 DTC Entry Points in 10 Danube region countries

As part of the EUSDR Annual Forum, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum organized a ceremony to celebrate existing partnerships and welcome the three newest partners: the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, the School of Advanced Social Studies (SASS), also from Slovenia, and the Transylvanian Furniture Cluster from Romania. Our platform for innovation, technology transfer and knowledge exchange has been growing continuously since its foundation in 2012 and is thus becoming increasingly influential in the Danube region.

Sustainable partnerships and new projects

Our partners in the Danube region also benefit from tailored trainings that help them to successfully apply for EU funding and thus offer real added value. In spring 2023, we conducted a joint training course for 20 participants from the School of Advanced Social Studies (SASS), Faculty of Informational Studies (FIS) and Rudolfovo - the scientific and technological centre from Slovenia. This initiative resulted directly in the successful approval of two projects: “Culinary Trail” project on the one hand, co-funded by the Interreg Danube Transnational Programme (DTP) and coordinated by SASS and “Twin Synergies” project, funded by Horizon Europe and coordinated by FIS on the other. Steinbeis Europa Zentrum plays a key role in both projects by focusing on building expertise, networking relevant stakeholders and proactively supporting project implementation

Additionally, the “BrAIn” project, co-financed by the DTP and coordinated by our DTC Entry Point Pannon Business Network from Hungary, is also starting 1st of January 2024. As an integral part of the consortium, SEZ will work on introducing innovative artificial intelligence technologies and I4.0/I5.0 elements to SMEs in the Danube region. Aiming to increase their digital capabilities and thus their competitiveness, we seek to take a promising step towards future-oriented technologies.

DTC Network – the Community of Practice of the Working Group Innovation & Technology Transfer in Priority Area 8 "Competitiveness of Enterprises" of the EUSDR

As part of this cooperation, all partners of the DTC Network are actively involved as members of the Working Group Innovation & Technology Transfer (WG I&TT) in the EUSDR's Priority Area 8, coordinated by Steinbeis Europa Zentrum. This strategic collaboration ensures that the WG I&TT remains highly operational and facilitates the rapid implementation of projects resulting from thematically focused meetings, workshops and conferences. The expansion of the DTC Network will further strengthen the capacity of the working group at national and regional level and enable the development of concrete projects to improve the competitiveness of SMEs across the region.

„The Danube Region is important for SASS and over the years we have implemented a number of EU funded projects in the region. We are committed to continue with this orientation and seek to play a meaningful role in advancing knowledge and fostering collaboration within innovation and technology transfer. In this process, our collaboration with Steinbeis Europa Zentrum, which evolved over a number of years, was highly important for us. Networking, transfer of competencies and experiences, exchange of ideas and implementation of joint proposals contributed to our growth.“

Prof. Dr. Borut Rončević, Dean of the School of Advanced Social Studies, Nova Gorica, Slovenia

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