SENET project partners draw conclusionsStrategies for Sino-European cooperation in the field of health

The EU and China share a long-standing tradition of scientific and technological exchange. At the same time, China is now perceived by the EU in a much more differentiated way, both as a strategic partner, an economic competitor and also as a systemic rival.

Despite the difficult current political environment, we have drafted a roadmap and strategies for future collaboration in the field of health together with European and Chinese project partners, with the aim of expanding the successful cooperation. In the course of the three-year support action SENET (Sino-European Networking Hub), we identified innovation priorities in the health sector via surveys, research and interviews and mapped important funding institutions in Europe and China. Similarly, training and awareness-raising activities as well as virtual hackathons to promote research and innovation were conducted to launch Sino-European collaborations.

Eventually, a final strategic plan with policy recommendations and an action plan for the European Commission were presented.


  • Strategic Plan (Initial Roadmap)
  • Strategic & Targeted Recommendations
  • Consolidated Action Plan
  • Virtual Hackathons on the topics:
    • Advanced therapies / Advanced Therapies
    • AI applications in health research / AI tools in health research
    • Infectious diseases
  • Expert meetings
    • Research and innovation
    • Legislation and policy
  • Mixed meetings of research, innovation and policy, legislation
  • Sino-European Health Collaboration Week 2021
    • Five-day final event involving a wide range of Sino-European health projects

EU funding: Horizon 2020: 920,000 EUR, 01/2019 - 12/2021

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