Every1 Project Consortium meets at first 2023 General AssemblyEnable eVeryone's Engagement in the eneRgY transitiON

10. Juli 2023

The Every1 Project, funded by the European Commission's Horizon Europe Programme, aims to enhance capacity and skills in the Digital Energy Transition landscape, empowering local authorities, civil society organisations, private companies, and citizens to scale successful practises. The project follows a phased approach consisting of three pillars: explore, shape, and act, supporting and engaging the community in local energy transition processes. It develops and deploys advanced tools, guidance materials, platforms, and services to foster cooperation, knowledge transfer, and joint action in the field.

On June 9, 2023, the Every1 Project Consortium held an online meeting to update all stakeholders on their recent accomplishments and upcoming plans. Partners from across Europe took part in discussions regarding project developments, including updates on each Work Package. Highlights from the meeting included the completion of the Extended Stakeholder and Ecosystem Mapping tasks. This comprehensive mapping effort gathered valuable data and will serve as an excellent foundation for forthcoming steps, such as stakeholder identification in local ecosystems and the establishment of a broad market enabler network. The Extended Stakeholder and Ecosystem Mapping task is available via the Every1 website.

Other highlights include the development of search terms for the training materials catalogue, the creation of a shared cataloguing platform for participating partners, the formulation of labelling guidelines, the exploration of connected projects as well as the execution of an informative workshop on Open Educational Resources. Significant progress has been made in the review of best practices related to digitalization and energy flexibility. To date, nearly thirty different service options have been identified, grouped into three distinct categories covering buildings, mobility, and industrial or infrastructural applications. The work of identifying key market players and building a strong network continues.

The cataloguing of training materials led to the development of shared spaces for further collaboration. The search terms were created to simplify material discovery for related items. Project partners also held a productive OER (Open Educational Resources) workshop to ensure all partners understood the significance of accurate labelling and keyword use in catalogue indexing.

Finally, the Every1 Project is now officially registered with the BRIDGE EU Initiative, METABUILDING Innovation Platform, and the ENLIT Project Directory. Consortium partners plan to attend the upcoming ENLIT conference in Paris from November 28th to 30th and present the Every1 project.

Overall, there were positive reports from each work package, and many advances have been made since the last session.

As a project partner, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum coordinates the communication activities and the dissemination of the project results.

Every1 can contribute to the energy transition!

Further information

Website: https://every1.energy/

LinkedIn: Every1 Twitter: @every1_eu

Co-ordinator: Flux50, Matilde Defraeije, E-Mail: matilde.defraeije@flux50.com

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