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Small and medium-sized enterprises account for over 99% of all European companies, but lag behind large enterprises in terms of digitalization. Only 17% of SMEs have successfully integrated digital technologies into their business models.

In order for SMEs to remain competitive and actively shape the digital economy, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum's project activities aim to inspire SMEs to harness the benefits of disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and clouds, and high-performance computing (HCPs).

Networking, technology transfer and funding are important. In cooperation with a growing network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH), Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supports new partnerships so that SMEs can obtain advice close to their location and benefit from the know-how of European research institutions.

The DigiFed project is another example of Steinbeis Europa Zentrum’s activities to foster the digitalization of SMEs in Europe. As a result, a sustainable network of DIHs across Europe has emerged. Roughly 200 companies from all over Europe have participated in different funding mechanisms. Around 80 SMEs have benefited from Cascading Funding to develop innovative digital solutions in different application areas and start their digitalization journey in the field of cyber-physical and embedded systems.

The TWIN application experiments offer grants of 100,000 euros for two SMEs from different countries to jointly develop a new innovative solution. This instrument is an excellent example of how DIHs can collaborate to foster cross-border innovation between European SMEs. This instrument shows how DIHs can support the creation of connections and business opportunities between SMEs, midcaps and larger organizations.

Optimization of power grids with IoT

The Spanish start-up ENERGIOT has developed a battery-free IoT device that draws its energy from the remaining magnetic field of power lines. In cooperation with a French company, ENERGIOT is developing a low-cost wireless solution for the massive deployment of IoT to reduce maintenance, optimize the operation and improve the capacity of power grids. The goal is to increase grid capacity by up to 30% and save up to 20% of maintenance costs. The future market is estimated at 7.9 billion euros.

„DigiFed was exactly what we needed. We were able to involve our software partner and use the grant to accelerate the advancement of our product, which was still at an early stage of development. With this collaboration, we want to bring a first commercial version of our autonomous IoT device for smart grids to the market.“

Pablo Ribeiro, ENERGIOT DEVICES S.L., Spain  

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