EU-project MULTICLIMACTAdvanced dike systems designed to protect against extreme floods and high water events - MULTICLIMACT partners met in Delft to Advance Climate Resilience Initiatives

2. Mai 2024

MULTICLIMACT, an EU-funded project dedicated to enhancing climate adaptation strategies, held its General Assembly on April 16-17 at the Delft University of Technology campus. The meeting brought together consortium partners from across Europe to review progress and set future directions for this critical climate action effort.

As a project partner, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum is responsible for communication and public relations. For this purpose, in addition to the placement of scientific publications, a wide-ranging social media campaign will be implemented, multilingual communication material will be developed and activities such as web seminars and networking events will be carried out.

Over the course of two days, participants engaged in extensive discussions and collaborative planning sessions aimed at addressing some of the most pressing climate challenges faced by communities across  Europe. The meeting provided an invaluable opportunity for partners to synchronize their efforts and leverage their collective expertise towards achieving the project's objectives.

A highlight of the assembly was a guided tour to the Flood Proof Holland testing site and Tederdingerbroekpolder Dike in Leidschendam, one of the local demonstration sites where innovative flood resilience technologies are being tested. Consortium partners had the opportunity to examine advanced dike systems designed to protect against floods and increasingly severe weather events. These site visits underlined the practical impact of the MULTICLIMACT project and its potential to offer scalable solutions across different regions.

In this context, TU Delft plays an important role in developing, testing and demonstrating the use of fiber optics sensing technology for monitoring and early warning of the structural health of fixed and movable flood defences during climatic shocks and stresses such as high water events, rainfall storms and drought spells.

The MULTICLIMACT project is set to continue its work with upcoming initiatives that include further technological developments and the promotion of a sustainable and resilient built environment through innovative actions in four different demonstration sites in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Latvia.


MULTICLIMACT is an EU-funded project aimed at safeguarding Europe's built environment against the increasing threats of natural and climatic hazards. By uniting 25 leading European organisations, MULTICLIMACT aims to enhance resilience, sustainability, and safety for communities across the continent. Through innovative strategies, including a toolkit of 20 reliable methods and digital solutions, the project targets the urgent need for adaptive measures against floods, earthquakes, extreme weather conditions and heatwaves. Tested across four pilot sites with diverse climatic conditions, MULTICLIMACT embodies a shared vision for a safer, more resilient future, focusing on actions to reduce the impact of climate change on the built environment.

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