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Natural resources such as water, air and soil form the base of life on our planet. These resources are under great pressure today, as environmental hazards have increased sharply in recent decades. The European Union therefore sees the promotion of research and innovation in the field of the environment as a fundamental pillar for meeting environmental challenges and protecting our natural resources in Europe. At the same time, it aims to promote sustainable development that links environmental aspects with a resource-efficient economy and society.

Forests, green spaces, oceans and water play a special role as they provide many elementary resources and, at the same time, provide various ecosystem services. The protection of these ecosystems, coupled with the conservation of biodiversity, should therefore be intensified in Europe. In particular, the EU wants to contribute to a clean environment and healthy ecosystems, while at the same time stopping pollution. An important task is also to implement a green and resource-efficient economy and industrial policy. An important building block for this is the circular economy and the resulting extended life cycle of products.

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MANN+HUMMEL's Filter Square air cleaners reduce fine dust pollution in subway stations, Foto: MANN+HUMMEL

Steinbeis Europa Zentrum supported MANN+HUMMEL GmbH in its innovation and transformation projects

Success Story
EU-funding for Prof. Carlo Burkhardt (Foto: Axel Grehl, Hochschule Pforzheim)

Making rare earth magnet supply chains more sustainable and secure

Success Story

12 million euros for the production of white phosphorus through sewage sludge recycling

Success Story

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