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As a cross-sectoral and highly collaborative industry, the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) play a major role in economic development, impacting and engaging with classic economic sectors as well as new and emerging technologies and digital applications. Especially in the digitalised world, it plays an important role in marketing, growth and internationalisation activities. Covering sub-sectors such as film, music, design, publishing, crafts, heritage and games, amongst others, the CCIs have a wide reach into society, providing impacts on well-being, social cohesion and community development.

In 2007, the German Federal Government launched the Cultural and Creative Industries Initiative to ensure support for national CCIs, whilst here in Baden-Württemberg, CCI’s are supported through organisations such as the MFG. Through Creative Europe, the European Commission promotes the European cultural and creative sector providing a budget of €2.44 billion covering the next seven years (2021 to 2027). Based within the new Horizon Europe budget, Creative Europe focuses on three strands of activity: culture, media and cross-sectoral.

Within Horizon Europe, the EU also supports CCI research and innovation activities through the Cluster 2 work programme. This programme is divided into three Destinations: ‘Innovative Research on Democracy and Governance’, ‘Innovative Research on the European Cultural Heritage and the Cultural and Creative Industries’ and ‘Innovative Research on Social and Economic Transformations’.

To preserve and make better use of Europe's cultural heritage, methods of conservation and protection are promoted. To support and sustain the creative industries, especially as a result of the impacts of COVID-19, a focus on better access and utilisation of new technologies, digitalisation, business development and integration to policy development is included. Another long-term goal is to promote sustainable and inclusive growth and reduce inequalities within Europe. Within the first two years of the programme, the calls have therefore been developed to provide research and innovation activities, which should deliver stronger industrial economies, education and employment, growth and innovation, new forms of work, tax and social systems, demographic change, social inclusion, migration and integration, and the modernisation of public administration.

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