Climate, Energy, Mobility and Smart CitiesStrategies and solutions for a climate-neutral future

The EU's research and innovation funding in the field of climate, energy and mobility will make an important contribution to achieving climate neutrality by 2050. The focus is on pioneering technologies and digital solutions that accelerate the transition to a greenhouse gas-neutral and resilient society and economy. Further, they will contribute to tackling climate change and to a behavioural change in society and industry. In the field of energy, the focus is on an efficient, secure, sustainable and competitive energy supply, such as new solutions for smart grids and energy systems, more powerful renewable energy technologies, innovative energy storage systemsand energy-efficient cities and communities. Smart Cities are already providing good practices here.

Safe, intelligent, resilient and sustainable mobility systems for people and goods will be promoted to achieve climate-neutral and environmentally friendly mobility solutions for all transport modes while increasing the global competitiveness of the EU transport sector. This will be achieved through user-centred technologies and services, including digital technologies and advanced satellite navigation services.

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