Vanguard Initiative Regional Conference

Vanguard meets Baden-Württemberg – Spurring European value chains – artificial intelligence (AI) & hydrogen - and industrial transformation

On behalf of the Vanguard Initiative Network, we are delighted to invite you to Vanguard’s regional conference organized by Baden-Württemberg.

While providing a brief update on the current exciting developments of the AI pilot, the conference aims at showcasing existing regional best practices and ongoing regional projects on hydrogen. It will also provide concrete examples of activities, which the Vanguard Initiative will potentially develop around hydrogen from 2022 onwards.

The conference will be held online, and participation is free of charge.

You can find a detailed agenda here. The conference will be held via Microsoft Teams. How to access will be shared via email after your registration.


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Pia Burkhardt
Kontaktieren Sie uns

Kontaktieren Sie uns!

Pia Burkhardt