Meet & Match Future Medicine: Predictive, Preventive, Precise

This online Meet & Match event focuses on future medicine, which aims to be predictive, preventive and precise.

This Meet & Match event provides insights into current trends, technologies as well as research and development in the field from Baden-Württemberg and the United Kingdom.

Both countries, Baden-Württemberg/Germany and the United Kingdom are in excellent positions in the field with strong clusters of innovative companies and applied research institutions.

The talks of this Meet & Match range from precision medicine, new therapeutic approaches, diagnostics, preventive or predictive biomarkers to artificial intelligence supported decision tools & -imaging, ehealth solutions and many more.

The event highlights current topics and innovative developments in the field and offers networking opportunities for representatives in research and development, production and business development from companies and applied research institutes. Thereby, the event encourages to establish new contacts, business relations as well as to initiate cooperations or joint developments between stakeholders from Baden-Württemberg and the United Kingdom.

Why participate?

  • Inspiring lectures on current trends in the field
  • Present your company or research group in the short presentation session (application is mandatory until April 26, number of participants is limited, the selection is made by the organiser, 2-3 minutes talk)
  • Present your company/research institution with a short profile as well as your offers and partners/technologies your organisation is currently looking for
  • Establish new contacts, find cooperation partners for R&D projects and initiate collaborations or business relations by taking part in the one-on-one online meetings (May 11 in the afternoon & May 12).

This Meet & Match is part of the activities of the Economic Partnership Initiative Baden-Württemberg | United Kingdom initiated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism Baden-Württemberg, the British Consulate General and the UK‘s Department for Business and Trade. It is jointly organised by BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg with support of the Department for Business and Trade, Scottish Development International, Welsh Government and London & Partners.

The participation is free of charge. Registration is mandatory.

Kontaktieren Sie uns!

Pia Burkhardt
Hanna Schäfer
Kontaktieren Sie uns

Kontaktieren Sie uns!

Pia Burkhardt
Hanna Schäfer