DanubeChance2.0 Final Event

- Budapest & online

Throughout the project DanubeChance 2.0, partners have been committed helping businesses overcome the challenges of entrepreneurial life. Special emphasis was put on helping second-chance entrepreneurs during the implementation of their new start into business.

Over the last 3 years, 12 partners from 11 countries in the Danube region have sought to help enterprises as much as possible by mentoring or organizing trainings for them.

At the closing conference, which will take place in a hybrid format in Budapest and online, the partners will summarize the results, impacts, and lessons learned from supporting second-chance entrepreneurs. SEZ was mostly involved in the development of the Second-Chance Entrepreneurship Community Strategy for the Danube Region, which will be presented together with possible activities that could contribute to supporting businesses in the future.

Mentors and mentees will participate in the afternoon session, which will focus on the results of the mentoring program.

We are very happy to meet everyone interested to the final event on November 23rd!

More details and the agenda can be found here.

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Dr. Clémentine Roth
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