#CE4EUIsland Webinar: Policy and regulation for the island's energy transition

Take part in our sneak preview webinar where we would like to present the publicly available Regulatory Inventory on policy and regulations specifically developed for EU islands. The Clean energy for EU islands Regulatory Inventory will be a publicly accessible online database that includes the national legislation, regulation, and policy framework for the support of clean energy technologies, projects, and initiatives. It will be accessible through the EU island secretariat’s website. The inventory covers 15 Member States with inhabited islands (Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Greece, France, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden).

Our goal is to provide through the Regulatory Inventory a snapshot of the status of the national legislation for enabling clean energy projects and energy transition, indicating policies that are specific for the island regions. Each entry is based on the existing publicly available legislation, regulation or policy document of the Member State.

The inventory covers support schemes for renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency, authorization, permitting and grid connection processes for renewable energy projects, policies that provide support for clean energy projects and legislation that enables prosumers, energy sharing and energy communities.

During the webinar we will present the creation process of the Regulatory Inventory, walk & talk the participants through the inventory and present how the Secretariat will build on this work to identify barriers and enablers to clean energy projects on EU islands.

Join on January 20, 11-12 CET and register via this link.


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