European Project STUNNING

Identification and dissemination of sustainable business models for energy-efficient renovation in buildings

STUNNING aims at identifying energy-efficient refurbishment solutions for buildings and at increase their visibility through a virtual Knowledge Sharing Platform across Europe. The technologies of the refurbishment packages should demonstrate a low ecologic footprint along their full value chain and be financed through new business models. Hence, STUNNING intends to address and bring together the diverse stakeholders such as research organisations, construction companies, SMEs, building owners, local municipalities, tenants and financing institutions.

By disseminating the attractive packages through the Knowledge Sharing Platform, as well as campaigns and workshops, the renovation rate in Europe should be increased. On the Knowledge Sharing Platform it will be possible to rate and identify the refurbishment packages according to their profitability and energy-efficiency as well as to identify factors, which have hindered so far their broader application. Users of the Knowledge Sharing Platform can become engaged as “followers”, “experts” or “ambassadors” and can, for examples, contribute with own articles or act as moderators. The project is coordinated by the SME Technofi from France.

Steinbeis 2i GmbH is responsible for the campaign management in order to build up a community of stakeholders, for the selection and evaluation of renovation packages in Germany and for the improved visibility of the new business models. Furthermore, communication and dissemination, as well as the exploitation support fall under S2i’s activities.

Project duration: 10/2017 – 09/2019

Participating countries: Germany, France, Italy, Spain

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