European project SmartX

European Smart Textiles Accelerator

Smart textiles and wearable solutions are entering an exponential growth phase. However, there are still major challenges that need to be tackled in order to fully unlock the market potential of this sector, estimated in almost 3 billion € in Europe alone by 2024. These challenges range from the integration of IT technologies (hardware and software) into user-friendly solutions, to data use and security, passing by environmental sustainability and materials recycling. In order to tackle these challenges, a push in scientific knowledge and knowledge transfer activities is required.

The 13 partners of SmartX aim at using new scientific findings and evidences from pilot studies to describe corresponding ecosystem models for smart textiles, aiming at closing the gap between IT and smart textiles and boost the value creation. The planned pilot studies consist of 40 small projects involving SMEs and start-ups. The aim is to experimentally test different applications, gain new insights and describe them. In addition, SmartX will also develop a knowledge platform to facilitate these knowledge- and technology-transfer activities.

SMEs and start-ups from textile, ICT and wearable solutions sectors willing to introduce new technologies and test new application are invited to participate in the pilot studies. For this pilot phase, the participating companies will receive financial and business support (coaching).

Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum as a project partner focusses on the development of ecosystem models in the field of smart textiles. SEZ is also responsible for the development and validation of a coaching model, which will be implemented during the first pilot activities.  Findings and results will be exploited to reach a wide range of actors and stakeholders internationally, and will be translated in policy recommendations for decision makers at European level.

An second partner from Baden-Württemberg is the Deutsche Institut für Textil- und Faserforschung Denkendorf.

Participating countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Spain

Project Duration: 05/2019- 04/2022

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Dr. Dilay Kesten Erhart
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