European project PRORES

Development of a framework for research ethics and research integrity

Results from science and research often form the basis for policymaking.  If research is flawed by lacking integrity and by being conducted unethically it is of no use to policymakers. Errors, deliberate deceptions or dishonest actions by researchers can thus have negative effects on society, the economy and the environment. Only sound, reliable and transparent research, detached from political ideologies and personal interests, produces meaningful facts that promote social well-being and societal progress.

The PRO-RES project aims at building a research ethics and integrity framework devised cooperatively with, and seen as acceptable by, the full range of relevant stakeholders and similar to the Oviedo and Helsinki frameworks, but with emphasis on non-medical science fields.

To achieve this objective the consortium will undertake an extensive dialogue with relevant stakeholders. The key issue for PRO-RES is to be as inclusive as possible when targeting the ‘non-medical’ sciences. The project partners are gearing up to identify and contact such groups in order to involve them in the framework development process with the aim to create an Oviedo/Helsinki type framework that could apply to the full range of non-medical sciences drawing upon previous foundational work funded by the EC, and other national and international agencies.

Valuable foundational endeavours have been accomplished but have often been insufficiently acknowledged in subsequent advances. PRO-RES will seek to incorporate the best practice findings in currently funded research and liaise with concurrent project leaders. While the Call specifically seeks to emulate the Oviedo/Helsinki framework, the project acknowledges the debt owed to the many existing codes and guidelines in non-medical fields. The PRO-RES framework will not seek to ‘reinvent the wheel’ since many excellent codes, guidelines and frameworks already exist. The main tasks is to gather all relevant work, consult with the right stakeholders, extract the common threads and synthesize it to a coherent and easy to understand whole.

Steinbeis 2i GmbH as a project partner will provide their expertise in leading the extensive consultation process and support the identification of appropriate stakeholders and issues concerning the implementation of the framework.

PRO-RES is a 'Coordination and Support Action’ of the European Commission with a consortium of 14 members from 9 countries.

Project duration: 05/2018 - 04/2021

Participating Countries: Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland,  Italy

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