European project KnowingIPR

Capacity Building for knowledge transfer and protection in the Danube region

Europe’s most important resource is knowledge. Know-How and intellectual property generated by European science and economy are important factors in international competition. According to a study of the European patent office and the EU’s intellectual property office IPR-intensive industries account for 39% of the EU’s economic output. The strategy of the EU for the Danube region therefore identifies the ability to exploit knowledge as key element for progress in the region.

Against this backdrop, the INTERREG project KnowingIPR pursues the goal to enhance the exploitation and protection of intellectual property in the Danube. In comparison between Danube countries strong disparities in innovation capacities stand out. Especially small and medium sized enterprises are having difficulties in protecting and commercializing own IP, but also in integrating and making use of external IP. KnowingIPR receives an EU-funding of 2.1 Mn Euro to strengthen competencies in strategic knowledge exploitation and foster IPR-based cooperation, e.g. through out-licensing or in-licensing. In particular the rather weak exchange of science and industry in Eastern Europe shall be stimulated through the project. To achieve these goals, KnowingIPR will set-up an open access Knowing Hub online platform, providing knowledge extraction from patent and other databases, advanced analytics, and training for IPR extraction and management. Furthermore, the project will yield evidence-based Policy Recommendations for the Danube region in the field of IPR. Steinbeis 2i GmbH will disseminate the project results in Baden-Württemberg and support regional SMEs and research and technology organisations to build-up their capacities in IPR management. In the project KnowingIPR  19 partners from 14 countries participate.       

Project duration: 07/2018 - 12/2021

Participating Countries:  Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and United Kingdom

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