European project INN-BALANCE

A clean automotive future through improving fuel cell auxiliary components in hydrogen-powered vehicles

Balance of plant components that are integrated in automotive fuel cell systems today still need refinement, in particular with regard to their integration and interaction within the system, and their manufacturing costs. INN-BALANCE therefore seeks to develop improved, well-adjusted and cost-effective BoP components that will make future fuel cell based vehicles run more efficiently. The targeted reduction of costs for BoP components will contribute to hydrogen-based mobility gaining momentum in Europe and beyond.

INN-BALANCE aims to boost hydrogen-powered mobility by increasing the efficiency and reliability of fuel cell systems for passenger cars. Nine project partners from industry and research will join efforts over the course of three years to optimize auxiliary components, called Balance of Plant (BoP), in current fuel cell based vehicles, thus cutting costs for production and maintenance. The project targets at developing a new generation of highly efficient fuel cell systems by improving industrialization-ready designs of Balance of Plant (BoP) and fuel cell system components, the major goal being to reduce costs of current market products.

The consortium is composed of major automotive companies, consulting groups, research institutes and universities out of 5 European countries. Each partner will bring in its expertise in developing and testing innovative solutions for fuel cell BoP components. Moreover, the project will also serve to improve and tailor development tools for integrating and testing novel components in fuel cell based vehicles. The expectesd innovations will address the latest changes and trends in fuel cells vehicles technology, from new compressor and advanced control and diagnosis devices to e.g. new concepts of thermal management. The testing of vehicle integration and validation of the components will ensure high technological readiness and pave the way for further market exploitation. Thus INN-BALANCE will also help bringing fuel cell commercialization in automotive applications to a whole new level.

INN-BALANCE receives funding of 5M Euro in the framework of Horizon 2020 and is coordinated by Fundación Ayesa, Spain. The Steinbeis 2i GmbH coordinates the project communication activities, including the dissemination and exploitation of results.

Project duration: 01/2017 – 10/2021

Participant countries: Austria, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland

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