European project FCHgo!

Fuel Cells HydroGen educatiOnal model for schools

Fuel cells and hydrogen (FCH) play a central role in the quest for a sustainable energy future of our planet. Basic principles of FCH functioning and benefits are thus an important subject for school education, ensuring young minds are well equipped for the energy transition and ecological thinking becomes a fundamental part of current and future generations. To support FCH education in classrooms, the EU project FCHgo! will work on new forms of energy science education that take into account the cognitive tools of pupils at various stages of development and employ narrative forms to illustrate physical and chemical principles.

A practice-oriented educational toolkit for interactive lessons on fuel cell and hydrogen
FCHgo! pursues a participative approach, developing methodology and materials for FCH teaching in national co-creation workshops together with a wide range of stakeholders from education, pedagogical science, FCH research and industry. This will guarantee materials are not only well aligned with educational practice, but also incorporate latest FCH research and industry developments. The workshops will build the basis for the development of an educational toolkit with narrative explanations and visualizations of the technology, its functioning and applications, adapted to educational levels of pupils from 8 to 18. The toolkit will be put to test in selected classrooms of 5 countries, gathering the feedback of teachers and pupils to improve upon the materials. The finalized toolkit will be translated into 10 European languages and published online for free access by teachers and other educational professionals.

Stimulating innovation: the FCHgo! award for young inventors
Within the framework of the project, FCHgo! partners will also host the first edition of an annual Europe-wide school competition, which will award the best ideas on innovative FCH applications developed by school teams. The competition will provide pupils the opportunity to transfer their acquired knowledge into practice and to contest their skills as inventors.

By proposing narrative and playful approaches to FCH teaching designed to not only transfer knowledge on FCH, but to stimulate pupils’ minds and enhance their understanding of complex natural processes and relations, FCHgo! will contribute to energy science education at large.

FCHgo! is funded by the European research and innovation programme Horizon 2020 under the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) and brings together six partners from five countries and further European stakeholders from academia, education and industry. Steinbeis 2i will coordinate the communication and dissemination of the project’s results, ensuring the educational toolkit will be widely spread and implemented throughout Europe.

Countries: Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland, Switzerland

Duration: 01/2019 – 12/2020

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