Women4Energy - European Network of Women for Innovative Energy Solutions

As a partner in InnoEnergy, Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum ensures that women in research, education and industry from the energy sector get involved, give their input on energy-related topics, thus making their contribution to enhancing innovation by using their knowledge and skills. In 2012, SEZ was instrumental in initiating the “European Network of Women for Innovative Energy Solutions” (short: Women4Energy), which was founded in the framework of InnoEnergy. The network has developed a diversity strategy for InnoEnergy and currently supports the networking of women from research and industry in energy-relevant topics.

Gender and Diversity in research and innovation are important factors in terms of increasing the competitiveness of companies. From the outset of the innovation process – from the idea to implementation and market entry – it is essential to include as many and diverse societal groups. Mixed teams are more creative, as differences at all levels ensure different ideas and methods are considered. As a result, new perspectives are identified that subsequently deliver different solutions.

Women4Energy is more than just a platform for exchange for women in research and industry. It presents the opportunity to learn from and exchange knowledge with others. The visibility of women working in the energy sector is improved and young women are encouraged to consider a professional future in the energy sector.

The approximately 120 women members of Women4Energy network and work together in working groups at European workshops and conferences, encourage the exchange of knowledge and develop joint projects. Network members are women from research, education and industry that work in all energy-relevant topics or organisations which support innovation, e.g. clusters.


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