European Tender "Upper Rhine A Connected Corridor" (TEN-T)

Execution of different studies, analyses, consulting and assistance of the project management

The ports of Strasbourg, Colmar, Kehl, Karlsruhe, Ludwigshafen, Mannheim and the consortium Rhine-Ports Basel-Mulhouse-Weil received promotional funds of the EU Commission in the context of the „Trans-European transport network“ (TEN-T Network) of the DG mobility and transport. The partners co-operated in the TEN-T project: „Consolidation and Reinforcement of the Upper Rhine Corridor as a Central Point for the TEN-T network“. The joint initiative of the ports, coordinated by the port of Strasbourg, contributed to the objectives of the EU “White Paper on transport”, which especially aims to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases by 60% until 2050. As trimodal platforms offering rail, water and road connections at the same time, the ports are predestinated actors to promote the modal shift to environmental transport modes.

For the purposes of this project, the nine ports of the Upper Rhine Region cooperatively examined possible synergies and operative modalities for the modal shift to develop the water and rail connections among themselves and also with large seaports and all large freight transport corridors that traverse the Upper Rhine.

The project’s aim was to obtain a more coherent and more efficient transport policy in the Upper Rhine Region. Especially the already existing long-term strategy documents that were written by infrastructural operators, public authorities and territorial units, should be combined and complemented by additional studies.

The project was structured into four activities:

  • Analysis of the present traffic situation and detailed market analysis of the current traffic volume and available traffic infrastructure in the Upper Rhine Region
  • Development of short and long-term designed forecast scenarios (five to twenty years) that are broken down by mode of transport as well as for the trans-border transport
  • Fixing of the necessary investments and potential sources of funding
  • Establishment of a long-term decision-making body and investment plan

The SEZ supported, in cooperation with the French consultancy firm Mensia Conseil, the project partners in the implementation of the project. In this regard, the SEZ and Mensia Conseil did not only take part as consultants, but also gathered the results of existing studies and identify additional information for further studies. The SEZ was the main contact for the project coordinator.

Project duration: 04/2013 – 12/2014

Participating countries: Germany, France, Switzerland

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