European project TIPS

Enhancing the capacity of EU Transport projects to transform research results into Innovative Products and Services

The transport sector is faced with major challenges. Demand in transport will grow by 50% for passengers and 80% for freight (EU 2000–2030). At the same time the call for energy savings, renewable resources and less CO2 is putting pressure. Transport is a main factor for economic sustainability and growth, but this sector needs to be pro-active to get more innovative solutions quicker into the market. A lot of funding goes into transport RTD, but RTD results do not reach the market accordingly. What is needed are good practices for the different transport modes, to see which exploitation channels are working, where to find financing and first users and how to access new markets.

The vision of the TIPS project was to produce better innovation in the transport sector by enhancing the capacity of EU-funded FP projects in the field of transport to be at the source of innovation and to help them transform research results into products and services.

TIPS analyzed successful exploitation strategies in completed RTD projects and developed good practices to help ongoing transport projects exploit their research results and to help transform these results into innovative products and services. Road, rail, maritime and air plus intermodal transport were covered.


  • Dissemination events
  • Free one-to-one assistance
  • Free training academies
  • Best Practice Booklet

TIPS was coordinated by Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum.

Project duration: 10/2012-09/2014
Countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia

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