European project NEWBITS

New Business Models for Intelligent Transport Systems

In order to fulfill its obligations under the global agreement on climate change, the European Union aims to strengthen its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are a key instrument to make passenger and freight transport more efficient and sustainable.

The NEWBITS project aimed to gain a better understanding of the dynamically changing conditions affecting ITS innovations, and to derive recommendations supporting more efficient policies. Nine project partners have been working on new business models that are designed to accelerate the market deployment of ITS and render its implementation more sustainable.

The activities of the project partners followed a network-based collaborative approach integrating diverse public and private stakeholders. This guaranteed a holistic view of the complex, cross-cutting theme C-ITS. Based on case studies in the most important ITS business areas, the project partners have developed and validated new business models and made them available as best practice examples for imitation at the European level.

A benchmark analysis of ITS innovation diffusion processes between Europe and the United States was performed to ground an evidence-based categorisation of success determinants and barriers affecting ITS deployment as well as to formulate key recommendations for successful technology transferability.

Another result is the online networking and collaboration platform which provides information on NEWBITS case studies, serves for internal and external knowledge exchange and encourages community members input. The NEWBITS Network Platform fosters the exchange of experiences, information, good practices and resources. Builds stronger connections between the stakeholders involved and more effectively exposing NEWBITS achievements to the ITS / C-ITS community.

As a project partner, Steinbeis 2i GmbH was responsible for the international communication of the project, collecting and disseminating the research results.

Project Duration: 10/2016 – 03/2019

Participating Countries: Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

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