European project REMOURBAN

Projektpartner von REMOURBAN und Vertreter der Europäischen Kommission besuchen Demonstrationsgebiet in Nottingham, Großbritannien

REgeneration MOdel for accelerating the smart URBAN transformation

With REMOURBAN 22 partners aimed at the development and validation of a sustainable urban regeneration model in the three lighthouse cities Valladolid (Spain), Nottingham (UK) and Tepebasi/Eskisehir (Turkey). Two follower cities, Seraing (Belgium) and Miskolc (Hungary), were also committed to verifying replicability of the REMOUBAN approach on their own turf.

The project leveraged the convergence area of the energy, mobility and ICT sectors in order to accelerate the deployment of innovative technologies, organisational and economic solutions to significantly increase resource and energy efficiency, improve the sustainability of urban transport and drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in urban areas.

The urban renovation strategy focused on the citizens, because they become the cornerstones to making a smart city a reality and will not only be the most affected by the improvements but also they will be the common factor of each of them. A powerful dissemination plan integrated a citizen engagement strategy and disseminated the benefits of the project to a wide variety of audiences.

The overall objectives of the project were:

  • The development of a sustainable urban regeneration model, considering a holistic approach, which supports the decision making of the main stakeholders for addressing wide renovation and city transformation processes
  • The validation of the urban regeneration model by means of large scale interventions on the lighthouse cities, Valladolid, Nottingham and Tepebasi/Eskisehir
  • The replicability of the model at European level
  • The exploitation and market deployment strategies to support the commercial exploitation of the project outcomes

SEZ was project partner for innovation measures accompanying the project partners in reaching the research and innovation targets of the project:

  • Supporting the process of transferring RTDI actions into marketable applications
  • Communication & dissemination of RTDI results for exploitation

Project Duration: 01/2015 – 12/2019

Participating Countries: Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Turkey, UK

  • Smart Cities as Innovation Hubs
    Success Stories and Best Practices from the European project REMOURBAN Autoren: Matthieu Grosjean, Dilay Kesten-Erhart, Fernando Barrientos, Valerie Bahr Steinbeis Edition 2020- ISBN 978-3-95663-197-9 pdf (955 kB)
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