European project ECOINNO2SME

Supporting SMEs in Disseminating and Exploiting Research Results of ECO-Innovation

The overall aim of the project was to reinforce the dissemination and exploitation of project results of SMEs in the areas ECO-Innovation in such a way that they are supported to bridge the gap between research and exploitation, hence expand their businesses and, accordingly, raise their competitiveness in the world markets. The project evaluated finished FP5/6-projects with the involvement of SMEs. By defining sub-clusters of ECO-Innovation (e.g. energy, waste, eco-products) the project followed an interdisciplinary approach in order to support exploitation and dissemination of results in these clusters.

In the project completed EU research projects were evaluated regarding their successful or less successful exploitation of project results and subsequently good practices, for example good dissemination strategies, were described. During the project 117 companies from seven countries documented their dissemination strategies. It has been shown that the exploitation of research results is more successful when

  • innovation is one of the company\'s core competencies
  • the project partners are already at the beginning of the project setting up a technology exploitation plan and have experience with exploitation strategies
  • the company has experience in project management
  • already at the start of the project intellectual property rights of the partners are clarified.

The project strengthened the exploitation of research results of SMEs in the field of eco-innovation and supported the companies in disseminating their research results, in developing an exploitation strategy and in the search for cooperation partners in Europe.

In March 2010 a publication was issued on the key factors of successful exploitation by SMEs, in which the project results are summarized. The publication is published by the Steinbeis-Edition.

ECOINNO2SME comprised seven partners from seven European countries (DE, EE, ES, HU, IT, SE, UK), all with long experiences in supporting SMEs in the dissemination and exploitation of research results. Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum was responsible for the project coordination, the project management and the dissemination of the project results. The project ran from February 2008 to March 2010.

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