European project Road2CPS

Strategic action for future CPS through roadmaps, impact multiplication and constituency building

Cypher-physical systems (CPS), which are a combination of computational, software and physical, hardware elements, merge traditional engineering disciplines with information and communication technologies. The exponential growth of IT systems and sensors and actuators is accompanied by a rising number of interconnections between cypher-physical systems. They are believed to have triggered a paradigm shift. Examples for CPS applications are for instance autonomous driving, ambient assisted living, and fully automated factories.

Although, the direction of future CPS developments seems to be clear, there still is a gap between theoretical and practical ways of CPS implementation. Challenges, to overcome can basically be categorized into technological-engineering and non-technological ones. A major non-technological problem for instance is seen in the fragmentation of initiatives and efforts across domains and value chains, as well as in the alignment of research efforts with requirements of the respective application domains.

Road2CPS aimed at giving contributions to tackle the current CPS implementation gap by finding solutions to CPS implementation problems and identifying opportunities for novel technologies, applications and services. The project also had an eye on associated socio-economic issues.

Road2CPS addressed these aspects in roadmaps and case studies across different economic sectors, such as smart cities, smart mobility, smart grid, and smart factory.

In particular, Road2CPS has contributed solutions for the above mentioned challenges by:

  • Analysing the impact from past and ongoing projects, identifying the gaps and bridging efforts towards impact multiplication
  • Developing technology, application and innovation strategy roadmaps for CPSs to serve as a catalyst for early adoption of CPS technologies
  • Building a CPS constituency by bringing together the key players
  • Enhancing CPS implementation and demonstrating business opportunities through case studies
  • Developing recommendations for future research priorities as well as implementation strategies
    Road2CPS has built on a pre-populated roadmap and gain further scientific and practical knowledge to indicate possible ways forward by involving a broad range of experts, different perspectives and a variety of information sources.

The Road2CPS project was coordinated by SEZ and comprised a well-balanced consortium of partners from academia, industry and technology transfer institutions from Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Spain, who brought in diverse but complementary competencies in roadmapping, impact multiplication and constituency building.

Project duration: 02/2015 - 01/2017
Participating Countries: Germany, Great Britain, Spain, France

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