European project EXA2GREEN

Energy-aware sustainable computing on future technology: paving the road to exascale computing

Power consumption of modern High Performance Computing (HPC) systems has become the major challenge on the road to systems that deliver performance in the range of 1018 operations per second (exascale computing) and for global efforts towards greener IT. The great potential of transforming and completely re-designing algorithms implemented in the applications on HPC systems remains so far unexplored.

In the Exa2Green project, an interdisciplinary research team of HPC experts, computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists and engineers from Germany, Switzerland and Spain takes up the challenge to develop a radically new energy-aware computing paradigm and programming methodology for exascale computing.

Exa2Green will develop new energy metrics which will form the first steps towards the limits of minimum energy consumption for a given simulation problem and development of an advanced power consumption monitoring and profiling in order to minimize the energy consumption. It will also develop of new smart algorithms using energy-efficient software models which strive for minimal energy consumption on hardware and development of a smart, power-scheduling technology like maintaining homogeneous heat dissipation for High Performance Clusters. To provide a proof of concept for the methodologies and technologies developed in the Exa2Green project. The COSMO-ART weather forecast model will serve as a highly relevant example of an intensive simulation, whose energy profile is currently far from optimal.

SEZ squired the former coordinator, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, during the proposal creation and negotiation phase. It supports the new coordinator, Heidelberg University, in the project management. It is taking over tasks such as public relations as well as knowledge management and implements negotiations on intellectual property rights and training for the consortium.

Project Duration: 11/2012-10/2015
Countries involved: Germany, Spain, Switzerland

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