European project CPS Engineering Labs

Expediting and accelerating the realization of cyber-physical systems

As part of the digital revolution, the physical world and the virtual world are more and more merging and build a smart world where products, equipment and objects interact with embedded hardware and software. So-called cyber-physical systems (CPS) generate large potential for game-changing business models, integrated services and innovative products. However, at present CPS seem to suffer from an implementation gap - even though technical developments as regards ICT-based integration are well advanced, CPS have not yet become natural in real-life environments.

In order to foster implementation of CPSs, this 36-months innovation project CPSE Labs funded under the Horizon2020 scheme, provides financial and technical support to small and medium-sized businesses, which engineer or operate dependable cyber-physical systems (CPS) in Europe.

The partners of CPSE Labs will publish calls for innovative CPS experiments for which technical support will particularly be given by Europe’s top-ranked technology design centers in Madrid, Munich, Oldenburg, Newcastle, Stockholm and Toulouse. Experiments can focus on facilitating innovative and CPS-enabled value chains in the European marketplace, demonstrate innovative CPS design technologies, or concentrate on design of innovative new CPSs.

CPSE Labs is part of the European Commission’s Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE). It is a very innovative project itself with the ultimate goal to establish a CPS engineering framework which sets world-wide standards.

Project Duration: 02/2015 - 02/2018
Participating Countries: France , Germany, Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom

Current calls for proposal are now open for submission! More info:

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