European project SINCERE

SME – Intelligence Network for Co-operation in E-Health Roadmapping Events and Projects

E-Health is one of the priority areas in the European Union and is of paramount importance from several aspects; better healthcare for citizens, easier access to care regardless of EU state, coordinated systems within the health sector etc. Action Plans have been put forward from the Commission as well as from national levels. The challenge will be to coordinate these action plans and strategies aimed at increasing research and strengthening competition and growth at EU level.

The consortium within SINCERE operated in Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Latvia, Norway and Turkey. The countries have reached different levels of development in the e-Health area, which contributed to achieving synergy effects.

SME’s received knowledge and training in how to participate in FP projects and on how to roadmap technologies and innovation.

Throughout the SINCERE-project, the SMEs have been given support and assistance in both partnering and project cooperation. The set targets and objectives focused almost exclusively on increasing competence, knowledge and activities among SMEs in developing technology roadmaps and FP project participation. These components have been provided mainly through regional workshops and training seminars. As internationalisation is a vital link in improving the employment situation, through encouraging investments and thus stimulating growth, a transnational conference in e-Health was held in the second year, in combination with workshops.

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