European project KAPPA-HEALTH

Key Performance Factor Assessment and Valorisation for Successful EU-FP Project Participation of innovative SMEs in the Area of HEALTH

The European project KAPPA-HEALTH examined key success factors of SME that participated in 6th FP projects in the thematic “Lifesciences, Genomics and Biotechnology for Health” and in the 7th FP in the thematic “Health”. This study lead to the development of a methodology of assessment and valorisation of project outcomes for SMEs.

The project aimed to strengthen the competitiveness of European small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the biomedical sector (pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology). Therefore, SMEs were supported in bringing their new products, processes or services faster to the market. The project analysed the factors which make the participation of SMEs in EU-funded research projects successful. The success was measured by the number of licenses or new products on the market and the sustainability of projects and business partnerships.

A main concern should be the relationship between the co-operation in EU-funded research projects and the additional supplementary financing investments, such as financial services, venture capital and / or additional state funding. 40 selected SMEs were advised on how to get additional innovation capital.

Also, the project developed a methodology to better assess project results. This was to provide SMEs with support for the exploitation of their project results and, at the same time, offer at policy level the possibility of targeted policies and frameworks to support SMEs in the 7th Framework Programme.

Project duration: 07/2008 - 06/2011
Countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Israel, Switzerland

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