European project IMMODGEL

Local immunomodulation around implants by innovative hydrogel-based systems

The main objective of the European project IMMODGEL was to avoid the frequent adverse immune reactions following implant surgery. Such immune reactions can be reduced by means of an innovative system composed of chemical (hydrogel) and biological (immune system cells) elements. The design, developed within the IMMODGEL project is adjustable for any implant, medical device or transplant.

Furthermore, a diagnostic test was developed to predict the patients´ specific immune responses to implant materials. The system´s chemical and physical properties can be modified accordingly to avoid implant rejection. IMMODGEL allows for the first time implants to be personalised and to minimise adverse immune reactions.

The key innovation was the development of IMMODGEL as a system that significantly decreases the level and duration of implant induced inflammation besides optimising the healing phase upon implantation. Thus IMMODGEL can reduce the negative outcomes of implant surgery, relieve pain and reduce related medical costs in Europe.

S2i was responsible for the administrative and financial project management, the dissemination of the project as well as for the communication and IPR management. As project coordinator S2i also acted as an intermediary between the European Commission and the scientific partners and SMEs involved. Further S2i was mainly responsible for the organization of the IMMODGEL final conference, taking place within the scope of the TERMIS-EU meeting in Davos, Switzerland. The main exploitation outcome of the project will consist in the creation of a start-up based on the protected foreground generated by the IMMODGEL partners.

Five of the eight IMMODGEL partners, will continue their work and successful cooperation in the new H2020 project PANBioRA (Personalised And/or Generalised Integrated Biomaterial Risk Assessment). The project focuses on the personalized monitoring of the responses to biomaterials using the Mimotope Variance Analysis (MVA) and instruments in the same spirit with the “Foreign Body Response on-a-chip” system developed in IMMODGEL.

Project duration: 10/2013 – 09/2017
Countries involved: Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain, USA

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Hicham Abghay
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