European project eHealth Hub

A European hub to support SMEs within the eHealth sector

Thanks to electronic and digital services, patients in the future will be able to participate in medical and therapy decisions and (at the same time) obtain information about medical effects and side effects. Additionally, those services will be assisting medical doctors and nurses with diagnosis and therapy, as well as with communication and database maintenance.

Although the range of events in the eHealth sector has increased over the past years, those events provided no adequate utilization potential for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) so far. Even though business incubators and accelerators are developing rapidly, they only support SMEs in the short run.

Companies active in the eHealth sector will be receiving support from the EU through eHealth Hub, not only to strengthen their market position but also to raise their awareness level. Moreover, they can benefit from legal and regulatory advice and participate in workshops (e.g. focusing on business models).

Steinbeis 2i plans to involve over 100 eHealth companies within the scope of the eHealth Hub project. Beyond that the remaining project partners will be supporting 600 additional companies. For this purpose nine eHealth Roadshows will be designed until September 2019.

The eHealth Roadshows are private sessions in which a maximum of twelve innovative companies are going to present their digital health solutions in a dynamic format: just five minutes per company. The first three roadshows took place in Barcelona, Paris and Stuttgart.

Upcoming events and roadshows will be announced through the project website and Twitter.

Project duration: 10/2016 – 09/2019

Countries involved: Germany, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Italy and Spain


Twitter: @eu_ehealth_hub

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