European project WENETT

Supporting Women in Business and Women in Science get involved in Technological Cooperations

During a two year period (June 2006 – May 2008), the partners of the WENETT initiative joined forces with local support networks to inform businesswomen and women scientists (Women Innovators) about the benefits of building European co-operations.

Partners from five European regions in Germany, Scotland, Sweden, Poland and Bulgaria joined forces and sensitized women entrepreneurs and scientists with regard to their innovation and growth potential. In these areas, role models and encouraging networks are of great importance. The partners documented this in the form of videos. The eleven videos as well as 21 written reports about European entrepreneurs and scientists are an excellent tool to encourage women from different EU countries.

With WENETT 570 women in science and industry have been trained, 99 of which from Baden-Wuerttemberg. In addition, more than 270 disseminators were informed and trained, 56 of them from Baden-Wuerttemberg. The training activities carried out point to the benefits of cross-border cooperation, and the tools for access to innovative technologies and networks necessary and available. The training was supported by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Innovation und Bildung Hohenheim GmbH, CTO at the University of Freiburg, MFG Baden-Wuerttemberg and the German Association of Women Entrepreneurs. The activities will continue in the Enterprise Europe Network as "Technology Translation events”.

Project duration: 06/2006 - 05/2008

Information about WENETT

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