Leading-edge cluster project STRATCLU

Strategic cluster development of MicroTEC Southwest

STRATCLU was the key project in the German “Spitzencluster” MicroTEC Südwest for the development of synergistic strategies for sustainable success in future markets. It was funded by the German federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the framework of the Leading-Edge Cluster Contest, the flagship of the German 2020 High-Tech Strategy.

STRATCLU was supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the framework of the “Spitzencluster” Competition, the flagship of the High-Tech Strategy 2020 for Germany. In the context of the official slogan "Germany\'s Leading Edge Clusters - more innovation, more growth, more employment", STRATCLU aimed at securing longer-term competitiveness of smart micro-system solutions from (Southwest) Germany, and thus contributing to sustainable growth and jobs.

STRATCLU provided the basis for achieving this goal by strengthening systematically the strategic capacities in MicroTEC Südwest. Activities of the cluster management have been enlarged and professionalised, so that the cluster can develop towards a learning smart innovation system, which continuously

  • identifies global challenges and promising future markets,
  • formulates long-term oriented and “open” RTDI strategies for smart micro-system solutions,
  • (re-)builds local competences & capacities and looks for strategic partners along global value chains,
  • encourages local and global key actors to join forces in common strategies, and thus
  • contributes to regional competitiveness and smart, sustainable and inclusive growth (cf. Europe 2020 strategy).
    Overall objective was to provide public and private decision-makers with a solid, regularly updated base for longer-term research, technology development and innovation (RTDI) related investment decisions. By enabling cluster actors to systematically develop future strategies together, to assess them and to develop actor-specific, synergistic approaches to successful implementation, the overall risk of longer-term RTDI investments in the cluster should be reduced significantly.

Important project activities were:

  • Conceptual design and test of strategic processes for systematic development of the overall cluster strategy, and development of the respective methodological and process competences (building on strategic policy intelligence tools such as innovation audit, foresight, impact assessment, roadmapping),
  • Development and test of processes for adapting and concretizing the overall cluster strategy in prioritized RTDI fields,
  • Development and test of processes for systematic quality and performance management, monitoring the cluster strategy deployment, and integration of the respective competences in the cluster management
  • Development of a benchmarking methodology to compare the cluster development with other world-leading micro-system or related clusters
  • Establish a platform for professional cluster services.

Key results of STRATCLU are – in addition to new structures, processes and professionalized routines in the cluster management – a further developed cluster strategy (ClusterRoadmap MicroTEC Südwest 2020+) as well as interdisciplinary, cross-industry innovation roadmaps in several long-term oriented RTDI priorities.
The successful development of joint strategies raises the cluster profile of MicroTEC Südwest, strengthens the cluster identity, and thus sets the stage for the

  • international awareness of MicroTEC Südwest as a major driver for smart micro-system solutions (cf. project MicroTEC Worldwide), and the
  • continuous support of the local actors to the cluster management.

SEZ coordinated the project and collaborated closely with the cluster organisation Mikrosystemtechnik Baden-Württemberg e.V. (MST BW) and the project partner Festo AG as well as with all other cluster actors (including Bosch and Roche Diagnostics). SEZ contributed its comprehensive knowledge of methods and processes in strategic decision-making, its many years of experience in the promotion of international clusters, research and innovation as well as its various working relationships with international organisations and networks.
Already during the application for the leading-edge cluster competition, SEZ successfully supported the cluster organization and did substantially shape the cluster strategy MicroTEC Southwest. The implementation of this strategy will be funded until 2015 with 40 million Euros by the BMBF and 5 million Euros by the state of Baden-Württemberg. A further 40 million Euros funding are added by the economy.

Project duration: 10/2010 - 09/2013
Countries: Germany

  • STRATCLU Roadmap
    Strategische Clusterentwicklung zurr nachhaltigen Sicherung der internationalen Wettbewerbs- und Zukunftsfähigkeit von MicroTEC Südwest pdf (7 MB)
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