European project OPTIMES

OPportunities To IMprove Energy for SMEs

In the context of the climate change and the Lisbon policy for growth and jobs, the European Commission aims at helping SMEs turning environmental challenges into economic opportunities. The fight against climate change is one of the environmental priorities of the EU policy. Consequently, the EU has settled the energy objectives of the "3x20" : reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, increasing the share of renewables in the energy consumption to 20% and improving energy efficiency by 20%, all of it by 2020.

The project OPTIMES (OPportunities To IMprove Energy for SMEs) aimed at raising awareness of SMEs on their environmental impact and at giving them access to information and services that help them to better produce with lower energy consumption. To achieve this goal the partners identified the needs of SMEs of the selected economic sectors textiles, food industry, manufacturing of building materials and production and processing metals. Afterwards, the conclusion of effective partnerships with the relevant environmental service providers (ESPs) guaranteed SMEs access to a regional offer that met their needs. Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum was one of six project partners and focused on the textile industry in Baden-Württemberg.

The project also aimed at supporting the Enterprise Europe Network. Knowledge and expertise on environmental issues have been upgraded thanks to dissemination and training.

Project duration: 11/2011 - 10/2013
Countries: Bulgaria, Germany, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain