The Federal Government of Germany has set the goal of promoting opportunities for women in education and research, career and society and to achieve equality between women and men.

The innovative potential of gender research should apply for scientific impulses and changes in society.

In order to achieve these goals, it requires not only the creation and introduction of concrete incentives to attract more women in energy technology at the universities. There is also the necessity of substantial and structural changes.

It involves both the participation and the strengthening of the role of women in research and development and the integration of gender as a cross-cutting issue in research and development projects. But it is also important to make better use of the innovation potential of women to market-driven development and technology transfer. Good practice examples from other countries can be used as encouragement and example how the gender equality transition can be achieved in their own facilities.

Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum(SEZ) in Stuttgart would like to contribute to these changes and increase the interest of women in energy technology and the integration of gender aspects in research and development with the organisation of 4 workshops in different parts of Germany and an international conference in autumn 2016.

Project start was 1st January 2016.

Brief project description

The project draws attention on the experiences of other similar German projects and projects from abroad and makes a knowledge transfer to other scientific organisations possible. The goal is a contribution to improve equality of opportunities for women in energy research at all levels and in all relevant innovation systems. These actions will also help to achieve an increase in the proportion of women in education, particularly the study of energy-related issues. Additionally gender aspects and methods of integrating those in energy-related research will be introduced and deepened.

Within the project expert workshops on the following topics will take place:

-  Integration of gender in research, development and market introduction of energy-related topics

-  New Strategies to increase attractiveness of training courses in the field of energy

At the end of the project an international conference in Stuttgart is planned. Here the conclusions and recommendations from the expert workshops and current developments will be presented.

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