European project EURESP+

European Regional Environmental Services Platform PLUS

Across Europe, there is a growing demand for environmental services at the national and local levels, hence stimulating small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to become more competitive and improve their environmental performance. Despite their importance, SMEs have remarkably little familiarity turning environmental challenges into economic opportunities.

The project partners of EURESP+ supported SMEs to improve their environmental performance. At the same time they supported and co-ordinated the environmental services sector in order to encourage growth and increase uptake of these services in each region of the participating countries. The objectives of the project were related to ensuring sustainable growth, integrating the political agenda of the Lisbon Treaty. Yet at the same time conserving the necessary business network, supporting the creation of new employment and opportunities in “green” business including products and services with the SMEs and the environment.

Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum and the project partners offered consultancy, training and workshops for SMEs in the following sectors:

  • Metal production and treatment
  • Mineral industry
  • Surface treatment
  • Electric and electronical components
  • Textile industry

The project EURESP+ was a continuation of the project but increased the number of participating regions from five to seven, the number of sectors covered from three to seven and the number of environmental services offered and delivered to twelve.

Project duration: 10/2011-09/2013
Countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain