EU-projects EURESP and ESMI

Improved environmental services for SME in metal industry, waste management, food industry and construction

Merely 6% of the small and middle sized enterprises (SME) have an EMS (environmental management system) and only 29% have introduced actions to resource efficiency while 46% of the major enterprises have done so.
The projects EURESP und ESMI on environmental services were supposed to add to a closer collaboration of Environmental Service Providers (ESP). The overall goal of the projects was to enable new opportunities for SME through „green business“ according to the political agenda of the Lisbon Treaty.

Activities and Objectives:

  • support for SME to improve their environmental performance with improving their access to environmental services, fitting their needs
  • support the ESP sector in order to encourage and motivate the uptake of those services, by carrying out workshops, audits and company visits
  • strategy development to optimize the energy efficiency

In principle the projects were supposed to offer to ESPs a platform of potential - and eventually project period extending - SME contacts. SMEs received information on technologies and services which improve their competitiveness and environmental performance.

Project duration: 04/2010 - 03/2012

Participating countries:

ESMI: Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Slovakia, UK and Hungary

EURESP: Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Spain

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Valerie Bahr
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