European project REEDDESIGN

Sound Design of Reed Organ Pipes with Innovative Tools

The aim of the project was to solve practical problems of organ builder SMEs by reed organ pipes. The main objectives were as follows:

  • New dimensioning methods based on the new knowledge for the design of reed pipes
  • Design software for dimensioning reed pipes for a better sound and rapid and more reliable design of reed pipes
  • New reed pipe types with sound character of Asian musical instruments
  • Development of demonstrators for in-situ quality control of the elasticity and hardness of reed materials
  • Development of a demonstrator for in-situ control of the curvature of tongue (which mostly determines the quality of the sound).

The SME partners contributed to the work by providing tongues, shallots, resonators, complete reed pipes, and voicers for the laboratory experiments, and by validating the results in their workshops. Competitive advantage due to a cost reduction of about 15%, a better quality of the sound of the pipe organs and a better position in the Asian market may be expected.

Project duration: 11/2011 – 10/2013
Countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain

Portrait Jonathan Loeffler
Dr. rer. nat. Jonathan Loeffler
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