KETs Action Plan

European Tender “Support to the KETs Action Plan With Focus on Promoting Cooperation Between EU KETs Technology Platforms”

The European Commission – DG Enterprise and Industry has launched a new initiative aiming to stimulate innovation in SMEs through the identification of the existing Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) Technology Providers across Europe, enhance their collaboration and support the access of SMEs to the services offered by these providers.

The purpose of this initiative is to get an overview of the current scope of services (regarding the technology readiness level) and the intensity of cooperation between leading European “Technology Providers” (TP), as well as the services offered to industry to develop new products. The ultimate aim is to identify potential policy actions that could substantially reinforce collaboration among the top European TPs in the KET area under focus and improve the pan-European access of SMEs to the expertise and equipment of European TPs.

The project focuses on building an inventory of KETs Technology Platforms and their specificities during 2014 and 2015. During five pilot study visits concrete evidence on the specific interest for the TPs involved and on their impact in promoting further collaboration between TPs will be analysed. The final outcome of this initiative will be recommendations to the European Commission on how to support the pan European access of SMEs to KETs Technology Platforms.

Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum is coordinating the tender and carrying out the project together with a Greek and a German SME.

Project duration: 12/2013 – 04/2015
Countries: Germany, Greece

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