Leading-edge cluster project IQMicroTEC

Expanding the Southwest as a magnet for top talents of micro-system technology

As part of the leading-edge cluster MicroTEC Southwest, the project IQMicroTEC focused on the qualification of engineers of the micro-system technology within the cluster. For executives, both new, customized training programmes and attractive training opportunities have been created.

The project IQMicroTEC had the following objectives:

  • Establishment of the cluster region Southwest Germany as an internationally leading and visible provider of high quality academic education in the field of micro-system technology
  • Ensuring access to highly skilled experts in the area of micro technology and micro-system technology
  • Reaching all qualified employees in the cluster region through blended learning concepts within part-time academic skills development opportunities and by new masters offered in the area of micro-system technology
  • Integration of current research and developments in the further training of specialists in occupational studies to improve the inventiveness of the region
  • Improved compatibility of family and academic career education for women through family-oriented training structures

To achieve the above objectives, new ways, methods, procedures and scenarios were developed and tested within the project. Academic experts, particularly outside the cluster region have been attracted to the cluster region and linked to it. The objective was to develop these measures and practices and to verify their effectiveness in order to establish them in the long term, accompanying the development of the cluster. A central goal was the improved linkage of academic training and industrial needs.


  • International "University Weeks" for students, in which current trends in research and development from the cluster are discussed
  • Developing a range of internships in the cluster region for foreign students
  • In-service continuing qualification courses at master level

Position of the project within the strategy of MicroTec Southwest:
The long-term safeguarding of the innovative capacity of a leading-edge cluster requires accompanying measures for qualification, the promotion of young professionals and the recruitment of skilled staff. The project is assigned to these themes within the so-called MicroTEC Academy (MAC) of the leading-edge cluster MicroTEC Southwest. Parent task for all four projects in MAC is to fill existing gaps in provision in the area of training and professional development with specific measures to take into account in particular the aspect of cross-industry learning and SME orientation.

SEZ was a partner in the project and collaborates closely with the project coordinator, the University Furtwangen, the project partners University of Freiburg (IMTEK), Visenso and Bw-i and the industrial partners FESTO, Continental Automotive GmbH, Bosch, Endress+Hauser, embeX GmbH and Aesculap. SEZ was responsible for organizing the inaugural event "MicroTEC University, students conference" and for the international marketing of all "University Weeks" and supports the marketing of the internships for foreign students.

Project duration: 09/2010 – 12/2014

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