Advanced Materials

European project KETGATE

Enhancing SME competitiveness through improved access to Key Enabling Technologies in Central Europe

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European project NanoFabNet

NanoFabNet- International Hub for sustainable industrial-scale Nanofabrication

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European project SUSMAGPRO

Sustainable Recovery, Reprocessing and Reuse of Rare-Earth Magnets in a Circular Economy

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Completed Projects

European project REProMag

Resource Efficient Production of Rare Earth Magnets

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KETs Action Plan

European Tender “Support to the KETs Action Plan With Focus on Promoting Cooperation Between EU KETs Technology Platforms”

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European project DINAMICS

Enhanced safety with nanotechnology in the environmental area

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Leading-edge cluster project Futures International – Strategic positioning in international networks and the strengthening of international R&D cooperations with leading partners

As part of the leading-edge cluster MicroTEC Southwest, the project Futures International focused on the strategic positioning of the cluster within international research, innovation and policy networks,...

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Leading-edge cluster project IQMicroTEC

Expanding the Southwest as a magnet for top talents of micro-system technology

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European project INNOPIPEORG

Innovative Design Method for Matching the Pipe Organ to the Acoustics of the Room

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European project INNOSOUND

Innovative Methods and Tools for the Sound Design of Organ Pipes

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European study Nanoroad SME

Industrial Adaption to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Trends in Research and Development, Product and Application Visions

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European project REEDDESIGN

Sound Design of Reed Organ Pipes with Innovative Tools

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European project TANOCOMP

e-learning training on nanotechnology for the plastic industry

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European project RECYCOMB

High quality plastics materials recycling from electronic wastes using combined identification

European project DEMORGPIPE

Development of an Innovative Organ Pipe Design Method

European project COMPDESORG

Advanced Computer Designed Open Wind Systems for Pipe Organs

European project WINDPIPE

Development and Modernisation of the Wind Supply Systems of Pipe Organs