European project TRANSPARENCY

Adaptive Business Collaboration by progressive knowledge sharing and engineering

TRANSPARENCY enables European machine tool builders to establish a knowledge-based collaboration with end users and component suppliers for machine tool design and operation. The project allowed involved actors to gain competitive advantages by permitting collaborative design and exchange of operational knowledge throughout the entire life cycle of the machine tool.

TRANSPARENCY aimed at integrating the machine tool’s life line of requirement engineering, design, manufacturing, operation, upgrading and selling/buying into an integrated concept which allows an optimum knowledge management. In that way knowledge generated is easily and promptly accessible to be applied to current and future design and operation activities. A core component is the development of a Distributed Collaborative Co-Design Environment, which is based on semantic middle-ware. It provides a coherent and well structured web-based user interface for all different stakeholders and, more importantly, it ties together the main items of the project.

The consortium consisted of 12 industrial and scientific partners from six European countries, lead by Fraunhofer IPA. They brought in diverse but complementary competencies in the areas of machine tool design, operation as well as knowledge based manufacturing and software technologies. It was co-financed by the EU 7th Framework Programme.

Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum assisted the project coordinator Fraunhofer IPA in writing the proposal and was, as one of the project partners, responsible for the management of knowledge as well as the administrative and financial project management. SEZ lead aspects related to IPR protection and dissemination of research results as well as training activities for the consortium.

Project duration: 10/2010 – 09/2013
Countries: France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, UK

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