European project Road4FAME

Development of a Strategic Research and Innovation Roadmap for Future Architectures and Services for Manufacturing in Europe

In the manufacturing domain, the innovation potential of information and communication technologies (ICT) is far from being fully exploited. Among the most important enablers for ICT in manufacturing are suitable IT architectures.

An IT architecture specifies the structure of an IT system, i.e. the arrangement of IT components within such a system. Doing so, it defines how functional components (IT services) are integrated to the overall system, what interfaces should look like, which basic services will be provided, etc. An important implication of this is that IT services – and thus any functionality of the system – can only be provided if enabled by the architecture. Thus, the architecture determines the capabilities of the system – providing the basis for a powerful manufacturing system, or limiting its capabilities strictly. The right architectures and services therefore are key to unlocking the innovation potential of ICT for the manufacturing domain.

The Road4FAME project develops a strategic research and innovation roadmap for IT architectures and services in manufacturing – focusing on architectures and services which facilitate agile and flexible manufacturing processes, ease interoperability in distributed manufacturing environments, support effective collaboration in context-aware enterprises, and provide the grounds for sustainable manufacturing.

The developed roadmap shall serve to:

  • identify research needs regarding architectures and services in manufacturing
  • align future ICT research with the concrete needs of European manufacturing businesses
  • outline the necessary steps to make novel paradigms and concepts work for European manufacturing businesses
  • provide manufacturing businesses with a useful reference to derive innovation strategies and identify business opportunities.

Road4FAME is thus contributing importantly to unlock the innovation potential of IT architectures and services for the manufacturing industry.

The Road4FAME project consortium is comprised of principal players in manufacturing IT, leading manufacturing research centers, and renowned strategy and roadmap developers. SEZ coordinates the project, bringing in expertise from several EU-level strategy development and roadmapping projects.

The developed roadmap will serve to align future ICT research with the defined needs of European manufacturing businesses regarding architectures and services and provide European manufacturing businesses with a useful reference to derive innovation strategies and identify novel business opportunities.

Roadmap development is an iterative approach involving a broad range of experts, multiple perspectives and information sources at every stage of the process. Join us with your expertise become a member of the Road4FAME Experts Group. For more information, please visit

Project duration: 06/2013 - 10/2015

Countries: Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal



Strategic Research & Innovation Roadmap and Business Opportunities for ICT in Manufacturing

Autoren: Nicky Athanassopoulou, Haydn Thompson (Lead authors) | Meike Reimann, Christian Albrecht, Carsten Rückriegel, Sarah Mortimer, Jonathan Hughes, Clare Farrukh, Ursula Rauschecker, Daniel Stock, Ricardo Ferreira, Pedro Gama, Daniela Ramos-Hernandez, Silvia Castellvi Catala, Diego Esteban Rodriguez
Stuttgart: Steinbeis Edition
ISBN 978-3-95663-064-4

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